Psoriasis and Lips

psoriasis and lips

Facial psoriasis affects more than 40% of all people with psoriasis. In general, and face consists of a scaly rush that is irritated and itchy. In people who have a facial psoriasis, the rash is mostly found on lips, around the eyebrows and forehead, and near the hairline. Needless to say, this condition can vary from one person to another. Psoriasis on lips can be diagnosed after your doctor will thoroughly examine the rush. As with other types of psoriasis, facial psoriasis has no cure, but there are several types of treatments. As for the symptoms, they might come and go. You should avoid chapped lips in cold winter months, as well as sunburnt lips at summer months, as it might traumatize your skin, leading to lip psoriasis.

What Is Psoriasis on Lips?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that can show up anywhere: on the hands, feet, nails, legs, skin folds, ears, eyelids, mouth and lips. The skin on the lips is different than the skin on the elbows, and that is why different sites require different treatments. In addition, this disease can vary widely among certain patients, as well as in a patient’s response to different treatments. There are some things you can done in order to prevent psoriasis on lips flare-ups. First of all, you must eliminate the substances your face, especially your lips come in contact with so that you can prevent further irritation. This includes different care products like make-up, especially lipsticks that contain propyl gallate, and toothpastes that has sodium lauryl sulfate.

Can You Cure Psoriasis on Lips?

Psoriasis on lips must be treated very carefully, as the skin on the lips is sensitive. For a small number of individuals, psoriasis lesions appear on the lips, where the lesions are gray or white. Psoriasis on the face is a rare condition, and thus, people affected with facial psoriasis are encouraged to have tests in order to exclude other conditions. Lip psoriasis can be quite uncomfortable, as it might cause difficulty in eating. If you suspect that you have psoriasis on your lips, you must consult your dermatologist immediately. You will need an advice from an expert because the face is the most sensitive area. Although there are many organizations that specialize in psoriasis camouflage make-up, using make-up might interfere with your treatment effectiveness.

Psoriasis on Lips Treatment

Due to the fact that facial skin is sensitive and thin, treating psoriasis in this area is more complicated. You can start with a natural treatment for psoriasis on lips by using jojoba oil, which is an effective natural moisturizer that soothes the lips. The most common treatments tailored for the lips area usually include topical steroids designed to treat moist areas, low-potency corticosteroids, and frequent rinsing with a saline solution. You must follow the treatment your doctor will prescribe for your condition, but there are some self-care strategies that can reduce this type of psoriasis. Many environmental and lifestyle influences are important, like smoking, drinking, dehydration, infection, stress, injury, diet, and certain medications.

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