face mapping

Different parts of your face are connected to different parts of the body and the acne spots on different areas can be an underlying symptom of other internal problems. The practice of Face Mapping is then in essence, looking at the location of skin irritation/breakouts on the face to help diagnose other internal diseases.

Here’s a breakdown of the basic areas of your face:

1- Forehead

Acne on your forehead can be a sign of digestive issues or general lack of adequate water in your diet. Limiting your intake on processed and fatty foods and upping your water intake is a sure way to flush your system of the toxins in your system.

2- T-Zone

Here’s a cool fact for you. The T-Zone is usually the area where food allergy symptoms appear first. In addition to that, breakouts in this area can also be signs of liver issues/alcoholism as well.

3- Under Eyes

The skin under your eye is directly linked to your kidneys so dark circles for example, is typically a sign of dehydration and that you might need more water in our diet.

4- Cheeks

Skin issues on the cheeks can be a combination of factors. Primarily issues on your cheeks is caused externally by bacteria lurking on your phones and even your bed linen at times. I never did think of that till now. Our phones carry a lot of bacteria so I think it’s a good idea to wipe down phones and change bed linen and pillow cases regularly. Another culprit for breakouts on the cheeks, is poor oral hygiene. Limiting sugary foods and drinks can help to improve your dental health and eliminate these kinds of breakouts all together.

5- Nose

Anything on or around the vicinity of your nose is linked to issues with your heart. You might want to look into checking blood pressure levels as well as monitoring your salt intake. Other things to look at  include introducing more heart healthy foods into your diet such as fish, berries, carrots and oranges.

6- Ear

Similar to your eyes, breakouts in the vicinity of the ears is a sign of dehydration so again, consider upping your water intake.

7- Chin

 Changes to ones diet drastically reduces the appearance of acne in the chin area. One of the main culprits for skin issues along the chin has to do mainly with diets heavy in oil and dairy.  Plant based diary products for example are a good option for you to introduce into your diet to tackle acne in this area.

8- Jaw Line

This zone is the tell tale area for acne related to stress and hormone changes. I must admit, it can be hard to control these factors but at least when it comes to stress, it might be hard, but just try to find a moment for yourself where you can have a breath, and just unwind. Read a book, put your feet up watch some netflix. For me I like to unwind by working up a sweat in the gym; or cleaning. I find cleaning to be quite therapeutic at times.

What did this face mapping exercise tell you? Let me know down below!

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