stress and psoriasis

Stress and psoriasis

The latest research studies show that there is a connection between stress and psoriasis. Stress is followed by an increased release of adrenaline into the bloodstream, expansion of the capillary network and movement of the red blood cells into the intercellular space.

Erythrocytes stay there, resulting in degradation and releasing their contents, which are highly acidic and cause itching and scratching. If the process develops on the surface of the skin, a red spot on the skin is formed. It increases rapidly and connects itself with the other similar spots.

This is how psoriasis occurs. If the process is developed into the joints, joint psoriatic arthritis, redness, pain and swelling occur. Psoriasis usually attacks people who have an impaired autonomic system that is inherited, as well as overweight people. Therefore, some doctors say that the disease is hereditary, which is wrong. Generally the diseases are not inherited, but the anomalies that can cause the disease are.

Stress and psoriasis – Diet

Diet is a good thing for both stress and psoriasis. According to many years of research on the proper treatment of psoriasis, the scientists realized that excess weight, sudden climatic changes, smoke, pesticides, smoking, and alcohol have a strong influence on the development of psoriasis and its appearance. All industrial and heavily baked foods (like bread for example) may affect the psoriasis appearance. If you have a problem with psoriasis, you should avoid all fatty products, especially blue fish (mackerel and sardines), fatty dairy products with more than 2 percent of fat, industrial meat products, spicy food, chocolate, very sour food, carbonated drinks, legumes, beans, peas, tomatoes, alcohol, beer, red and white wines. Smoking and staying in a room where other people are smoking is strictly forbidden for patients with psoriasis.

Stress and psoriasis – Treatment

Psoriasis caused by stress and psoriasis in general is occurring in the same way. Vispogal can highly improve the condition in 25-45 days. With the required additional therapy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and tea against psoriasis, the process of healing can be accelerated. Vipsogal is rubbed into the affect areas for 2-3 times a day or more. You should keep the area uncovered for at least 30 minutes in order to approve the absorption of the medicine. Take a shower every other night and bathe every fifth night with mild soap, and rub the product again (patients with psoriasis should avoid wetting the skin). You should protect your skin from the sun during the treatment. Take vitamin C and Panthenol before meals.

Stress and psoriasis – Salad diet

There is one salad, which is great for stress and psoriasis and health in general. Be sure to eat a soup first, before every meal. You should eat a large portion of mixed salad. You can prepare that salad from equal parts of green cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, beets, carrots, red or white radishes, and 3 to 4 pieces of garlic. You should chop all ingredients and add two tablespoons of virgin olive oil, one tablespoon of cold pressed vinegar from green apples, and some green pepper. Only by strict adherence to the prescribed treatment, success can be secured.

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