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Does Fast Food Trigger Psoriasis?


The status of intestinal flora (microbiota) is at the forefront of the cause of many health problems. The intestinal flora refers to the entire living organism in the intestine. Healthy intestinal flora is like health insurance and therefore our intestines are called our second brain. In general, we all know that our brains secrete happiness hormone (serotonin) however, at least 80% of the serotonin hormone in our body is secreted by healthy intestines.

Diseases occur when the balance between useful and harmful bacteria breaks down. Some of these diseases include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), infections, skin diseases, allergies, rheumatism, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Well, what is the effect of fast food on these problems?

The main reasons why fast food is consumed widely in the world is the fact that they are delicious and quickly served. However, being delicious does not have any meaning when we consider their effects on our intestinal flora, which is an important flora for health and psoriasis. Therefore, the immune system of the people who consume fast foods that are low in vitamins and minerals is poorer than those who eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Fast food and glucose syrup significantly trigger psoriasis. Foods such as fries, saturated fats, sugar-based foods, which are considered fast food to reduce the number of useful bacteria in the intestines and allow the proliferation of disease-producing microbes.

Healthy Intestines = Good Mood and Healthy Skin

Our intestinal flora, which is extremely healthy during infancy, deteriorates as we age. We can help the growth of healthy and useful bacteria in our intestines by consuming at least 30-40 grams of fiber daily. Foods rich in fiber include plenty of vegetables and fruits. These foods should be consumed more than usual.

You must cut your sugar consumption at breakfast. Therefore, you may want to prefer strawberry plain yogurt or cinnamon on oatmeal.

Include fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and preferring certain organic products will be useful too.

Probiotics are also very useful too however, not all probiotics may provide benefits. This is because you need to prefer probiotic-rich foods such as plain yogurt without the extra sugar. Also, the most useful probiotic sources are homemade yogurt and naturally produced cheeses.

“Love your intestines and try to avoid fast food.”



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