Armpit eczema is a major problem because the armpit area is one of the most fatty areas and is seen in every human.So What are the causes and symptoms of armpit eczema?

Symptoms of armpit eczema;
- Itching
- redness
- Quick irritation
- Bad smell after bath
- Armpit abscess
- Stain formation on clothing
So what are the causes of armpit eczema?
- Antiperspirant products.
- Perfume / deodorant.
- Body gels.
- Use of soap.
- Excessive sweating every day.

How should the armpit be kept clean?
During periods of increased eczema, hairs should not be cut from the root.
Natural soaps should be preferred.
Don't share your clothes with anyone else. Also razors and waxing should not be used during this period.
Use the creams recommended by your doctor.

If armpit eczema problem is chronic please contact your doctor.

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