“Scalp” is the most common area. Nape, forehead or temples where the hair is the most itchy, battered and shed bran. If you have a beard; neck, mustache, especially “itching, frying and shedding” does not leave your collar. Therefore, it is recommended that people with SD do not grow beards. When the beard is cut, previously cut areas will return to normal in a short time.

In the area between the two shoulder blades or chest hairs, SD may sometimes show a lighter course, but irritating itching is negligible.

The most severe itching frying and shedding area is the part that joins the neck hair. Because most friction and hammered area. When we go to bed, he puts on the pillow all night and perspires in long-term contact. Shirts, jackets, coats and so on. The collar of the clothes we wear is mostly the plains. Your barber even cuts a line of hair behind your scalp.


Fat is produced by the cells that make up the sebum glands in the dermis layer of the skin. Thanks to numerous sebum glands, our body is resistant to thermal changes, mechanical and chemical external influences. “Sebum is a vital ingredient that prevents skin wrinkling, cracking, and drying out.“

Despite all this goodness, the, surplus sebep causes a problem such as SD for the skin.

Sebum contains the following substances.


Cholesterol and its esters

12% squalen (cholesterol-like intermediate)

26% paraffin

Free fatty acids (formed by the breakdown of triglycerides by bacteria)

It is essential that sebum is secreted “within normal limits, fakat but in the case of over-secretion, the rough, porous area of ​​the skin absorbs more sebum and the fatty acids caused by bacteria multiply. This again, the skin itching, beating, reddening means. In other words, sebum also contributes positively to the keratin production cycle of the region. In people with SD, the sebum secreted is thought to be of “different composition..

Sweatıng and Seborrheıc Dermatıtıs

We sweat profusely in the summer, “it’s hard to deal with SD”. Not only that; The regions with the previous SD have a tendency to “expand ve further and abilir there are no new SD zones bulunmayan that did not exist in the previous year.

Sweat contains the following substances.

Maximum 1% NaCl water (As we know salt water)


Lactic acid


The first secretion of sweat is “acidic.. This has the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth at first glance, but after a while it becomes an “alkaline karakter character and begins to produce reproductive effects for bacteria. Supports keratin production cycle.

Hair Loss and Seborrheic Dermatitis

There is no data on seborrheic dermatitis that causes hair loss.


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